Click 4 Surveys Review : Is it Scam Or Legit?


Please read each and every word of my review carefully. It can save you from a big scam.

As you are reading this article right now, then you must be thinking to buy Click 4 Surveys Program and start making money by paid survey offers. But, don’t make your decision final without reading this click 4 surveys review. You may change your decision after reading this review. Let me start with some brief intro of this highly popular(in my words, criticized) program.

Click 4 Surveys is created by Daniel Cooper. Click 4 surveys is an online website that gives an opportunity to the users to earn money by filling out surveys and giving their opinions about certain products and services. Click 4 Surveys make the process of filling out surveys easy and enjoyable. Within short period of time, click 4 surveys gained huge publicity as well as big user-base. But, at the same time, it acquired some bad reviews too. People claimed to get cheated by Daniel Cooper as this product was not worth that price.

Click 4 Surveys prices is $97, but with discount offer you can get it for one-third of its price i.e. at $34.

When you buy click 4 surveys program, it provides of list of surveys website which pay money for taking surveys. You can take surveys and review their products and earn decent money online.

But, as we discussed about this product with its buyers, their experience was pretty much different than claimed.

Top 4 Issues With Click 4 Surveys Program :

1) Short List of “Paid Survey Offers” Websites :

Click 4 surveys has very few survey websites list in its database. Out of these websites, only few websites provide regular surveys to its users. So, chances are very less that you will get decent number of surveys each week from these websites.

Most of users claimed to not get even a single survey in their last month.

2) Less Popular websites :

Most of websites provided by Click 4 Surveys program, are very less known and even new in this field. I personally checked few of these websites’s history and reputation, but found them as scam websites. I won’t say that all websites were scam. But, yes. some of these had bad reputation and negative reviews.

3) Preference to US based users:

Most of these surveys sites prefer only USA based users(from some specific cities of USA) for high paying surveys. So, If you are from outside USA, then there is nothing for you in this product.

4) Support Issue :

Third and most common issues we found was bad support from Click 4 Surveys program’s support team. As per one of buyer’s words “After a big disappointment from Click 4 Surveys, I tried to contact Daniel for some guidance and help. But, seems like the guy was super busy in his own stuff that he did not replied any of my mails. With huge frustration, I mailed him to refund my money back. But, Still no reply from his side.”

My conclusion about Click 4 Surveys Program:

I don’t think I need to explain more about this product. I won’t say that no one is making money from Click 4 Surveys. But, With this price, I won’t suggest you to buy click 4 surveys program.

High paying surveys are real thing and no one can tell you this better than me. I am making good money from paid surveys and thatswhy I would suggest you to choose highly reputable survey websites with good history in this niche for paid surveys offers.

Here is another product “Take Surveys for Cash” which is most popular product in this niche. Unlike click 4 surveys, “Take Surveys for Cash” gives you huge websites list which send you real month in exchange of taking part in their survey program. It includes complete step-by-step guide to join these websites and get surveys which pay you maximum for your participation.

Lets start with my own “Take Surveys for Cash” review.

What is Take Surveys for Cash?

FCBK_1Take Surveys for Cash is a new concept that has come up that has been initiated by Jason White. A lot of companies these days want to do market research and want to know public opinions about their offerings and services.

For this precise reason Take Surveys for Cash takes the views and opinions from the users that have already used those services and products. All the users need to do is fill out their honest opinions and experiences about those products in the short surveys appearing one by one.

Companies nowadays spend billions of dollars for conducting market research and advertising. This amount is huge considering the global recession that has gripped the companies.

To cut the operating costs and outsource their duties the companies take the help of websites such as Take Surveys for Cash to know public views about their services and products. Both parties, the companies and the users filling out online forms are benefited from the methodology of click 4 surveys.

Take Surveys for Cash is one of the best survey filling websites that’s online at present. Users just need a few simple things to work on Take Surveys for Cash such as a computer, an Internet connection and a little bit of spare time.

Users are rewarded nicely 4 sharing their views on Take Surveys for Cash. They can easily earn anywhere from $5 – $ 75 per survey to post their opinions on different products and services.

How Much Cash You May Make With Take Surveys for Cash?

Take Surveys for Cash has close associations with many big firms of the world that are ready to pay a good sum of money to know about people’s opinions. Users can give opinions about as many products and services as they like and get paid accordingly.

Usually this amount is between 5 to 75 dollars per survey completed. What a user can earn out of using the click 4 surveys website depends upon his own capacity to take the surveys.


Users who can spare more time for filling out surveys would definitely earn more than those who can afford lesser time. Typically, a user can start by completing at least 20-30 surveys per day and getting paid anywhere from $3 – $50 for them.

The best thing about Take Surveys for Cash is that it pays much higher sum of money to users than any other survey filling website. The payment rates greatly depend on the kinds of research and type of business. Those users who submit a satisfactory survey for the first time are paid $50 more for their work.

The Take Surveys for Cash website is not designed for those people who wish to earn a thousand dollars in no time. Instead, users need to sign up for as many sections as possible so that they can complete more surveys and that too of different categories.

In case the users do not want to give their time and energy to different surveys and polls then they should not expect to be rewarded. Take Surveys for Cash not only gives the opportunity to fill online surveys and earn but also makes available other methods to make cash to the users.

Such other earning opportunities include e-mail reading, creating online articles, income from recommendation and being a secret consumer. Also, the making reviews for those products and services that the companies are trying to trade are also included under the earning opportunities.

The website is also offering a full money-back guarantee for the period of 60 days in case the user is not satisfied with the offerings of this program.

What Exactly Are Take Surveys for Cash’s Features?

hqdefaultTake Surveys for Cash is a great site for beginners who would like to earn some extra cash by filling out short commercial surveys about products and services from big companies.

A very unique feature of this website is that the users get to know how much money they can earn before they actually start working on them.

Another great thing about click 4 surveys is that users can work from anywhere at about anytime as per their convenience.

All they must take care of is to have available the few important things required for the work. The necessary things are a computer linked to an Internet Connection. For those, who do not feel that they are getting the desired results or would like to discontinue using the site for any other reason can claim a full refund.

Yes, the Take Surveys for Cash site provides this feature of a full 60-day money back guarantee.

To point towards some of the features of Take Surveys for Cash reviews are as listed below:

  • Complete and helpful advice
  • Opinions are permanent
  • Author is an expert of his specialization
  • High-pay structure
  • The site works for almost everyone
  • Regular updates and suggestions
  • The whole process is very confidential and secretive

However, it should be noted that Take Surveys for Cash reviews website has its own limitations as well. Firstly, the surveys being presented on the website usually take 15-30 per survey to complete.

The invitation to take them is sent to the registered email addresses of users. Another limitation is that all the surveys that are loaded on the website can’t be completed by all users. There are situations when some of the users are deemed ineligible for certain surveys and hence they receive only a token amount or reward points for those.

Many times users are not paid their dues for a long time and sometimes there is a specified limit of pay-out before which payment can’t be initiated.

Is Take Surveys for Cash Fraud?

legitTake Surveys for Cash is created by an experienced person like Jason White. He has made this website with honest and sincere intentions. He has a huge client base all round the world and they are very satisfied with Jason’s offerings.

Most of these people feel that Take Surveys for Cash reviews is also a great offering which allows users to earn extra income from home with just a few basic things. Those people that have subscribed for the click 4 surveys website consider it to be very useful and rate it very highly.

Take Surveys for Cash Review : Conclusion

Take Surveys for Cash is the most reliable and best online paying website at the moment. It has been created by Jason White who has much experience in the online world. The site created by him is fully legitimate and functional. The site is not a fraud by any means. There are thousands of users that have used and enjoyed this site.

Not only this, they have earned a decent amount from filling out surveys and posting their opinions on this site. The surveys available to fill out on the click for surveys review website are usually short to medium length and take at most 1 hour to complete.

However, there are some surveys that are not meant for each and every one out there. Some of the users can’t complete those surveys and are screened off as ineligible for them.

img-34Buy Now

Take Surveys for Cash is a great money making site and is highly recommended to use by us. It’s loaded with so many features beneficial for all users who would like to earn extra income by devoting a little time filling out surveys online.

Moreover, it does offer a 60-day full money back guarantee to the users who aren’t satisfied or do not wish to avail these services in future.


  • Cornelius Johnson

    Take cash for surveys is a legit site +1 for it. It provides what it says.

    • Ileana Scott

      Thanks alot Cornelius for sharing your views, hope this will motivate others to get benefit from it like we do.

  • I can confirm that take cash for surveys is legit. I have been a member for about 4 years with a average income of about $500 a month.

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